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You can comment on anything on this site
or point out where its information is wrong,
emailing me at

Personal help

If you wish to get help with a personal problem, I would
suggest that you contact a minister, priest, pastor or other
expert in a nearby church.  You could also phone a Gay
and Lesbian Counseling Service or Switchboard.  Their
number should be in a local phone book or online.

If you need personal
crisis counseling, phone
  • a Gay and Lesbian Counseling Service or
    Switchboard (may have limited hours), or  
  • Lifeline at 13 11 14 (Australia 24 hours, 7 days) or
  • the Trevor Helpline at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866 488
    7386) (US 24 hours, 7 days, free) or
  • London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard Helpline 0300
    330 0630 (UK daily 10am – 11pm).

Who I am

My name is Colin Smith.  I live in Sydney, Australia, and
attend the Uniting Church (merger of Methodist,
Presbyterian and Congregational Churches).  I have a
Theological Certificate from Moore Theological College,
Sydney (Anglican) and a Bachelor of Commerce
(Economics) from UNSW.

Over the years I had noticed that a number of gay people
experienced conflicts between their religion (mainly
Christianity) and their sexuality, with some even taking
their own lives as a result.  This led to decades of
research about religion and sexuality, undertaken on the
internet and in religious books and journals.  

The research was carried out with an open mind,
not with
the aim of proving a pro-gay view.  In fact, many pro-gay
and anti-gay views put forward by scholars and “experts”
were rejected because the views were illogical or based
on false assumptions.  The aim is for this website to be
as accurate, complete, logical and unbiased as possible.

By the way, I like time-travel movies e.g. Back to the
Future, romantic gay movies and romantic classical

Author: Colin Smith