• The story of Sodom in Genesis 19 is often
    used to condemn all homosexual sex.  But a
    careful study shows that the story is mainly
    condemning only men who try to force other
    men to have sex with them, i.e. same-sex

  • The men of the city of Sodom wanted to
    force the male guests (angels) being
    sheltered by Lot to have sex with them.  Lot
    refused to hand over the guests because
    they had come under his protection.  
    (Genesis 19:4-9).

  • This story also condemns the attempted
    violation of the traditional hospitality and
    protection given to traveling strangers while
    being sheltered in a house.

  • The people of Sodom committed many
    serious sins (Genesis 18:20).  However
    none of the other Bible references to Sodom
    (including Ezekiel 16:48-50 and Jude 7) says
    that sex between men was a sin of Sodom.  
    Sodom was destroyed because its people
    committed many types of immoral acts.

  • In summary, the Sodom story is not a
    condemnation of consenting male-male

  • Motive of the mob

  • False views or misconceptions about the
    Sodom story in Genesis 19

  • The similar Gibeah story in Judges 19

  • Other accounts and interpretations of the
    Sodom story
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Author: Colin Smith