Who I am

My name is Colin Smith.  I live in Sydney,
Australia, and attend the Uniting Church.  I have a
Theological Certificate from Moore Theological
College, Sydney (Anglican) and a Bachelor of
Commerce (Economics) from UNSW.

Over the years I had noticed that a number of gay
people experienced conflicts between their
religion (mainly Christianity) and their sexuality,
with some even taking their own lives as a result.  
This led to decades of research about religion
and sexuality, undertaken on the internet and in
religious books and journals.  

The research was carried out with an open mind,
not with the aim of proving a pro-gay view.  In
fact, many pro-gay and anti-gay views put
forward by scholars and “experts” were rejected
because the views were illogical or based on
false assumptions.  The aim here is for this site to
be as accurate, complete, logical and unbiased
as possible.

By the way, I like time-travel movies, romantic gay
movies and romantic classical music.

You are free to copy, adapt, distribute and
transmit the information on this site
that you credit the author (Colin Smith) and that
the information is not used for commercial
purposes.  This site is licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution- Noncommercial 3.0
Unported License.

Feel free to link to this site.

Parts of this site were last revised in
September 2018.

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Author: Colin Smith
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Useful sites for Gay and Lesbian Christians

Links to the following sites are provided for your
information.  However read them skeptically.

What the Bible says about homosexuality
Many views on this topic – prepared by Ontario
Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Metropolitan Community Churches
An inclusive Christian denomination with a
special outreach to LGBT people.  Branches in
many countries.

Hundreds of Christian, gay Christian, and gay
community web links. Also has many devotions
and sermons.

Gay Christian Network
Resources and support to GLBT Christians.
Affirms homosexual lifestyle as valid.  Online
community of GLBTIQ Christians.  6,000 pages of
resources, education, free dating service, chat
room, etc.

Gay Christian Online
Advice, articles, encouragement, positive lifestyle,
books, poetry, music, etc. for gay and lesbian

Accepting Evangelicals
Network of Evangelical Christians accepting
faithful, loving same-sex people and partnerships.

Gay Christian Europe
Multi-lingual support and resources for GLBT
Christians in Europe.

Other Sheep
Multicultural ministries with sexual minorities.  
Sites in English and Spanish.

An online space and magazine for GLBT

The Epistle
A web magazine for GLBT Christians.

Advocates freedom for LGBT people from

Gay Wedding Values
Information to plan gay weddings and
commitment ceremonies

Lists of GLBT friendly churches world wide

Lists of GLBT friendly churches in UK &

Lists of GLBT groups in US denominations  

Books about Christianity and Homosexuality

Robert A. J. Gagnon, The Bible and Homosexual
Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics
, 2001.
Positive: Thorough examination of the Biblical
references to same-sex activity.
Negative: Has a strong “no gay sex” point of
view, largely based on the false concept that the
only valid God-approved sex is between males
and females.

Bernadette J. Brooten,
Love Between Women:
Early Christian Responses to Female
, 1996.
Comprehensive and informative, especially about
the same-sex references in Romans 1.

Martti Nissinen,
Homoeroticism in the Biblical
World: A Historical Perspective
, 1998.
Comprehensive and informative.

Daniel Helminiak,
What the Bible Really Says
about Homosexuality
, 1994, 2000.
Very informative.

You can see
lists of books about Christianity
and homosexuality
compiled by:

Jeramy Townsley

Robert Goss

C Bidwell

Paul Halsall

National Coalition to Support Sexuality

Each list contains brief comments on the books in

Online articles on Christianity and

The following articles are worth reading, or at
least skimming.  But read them skeptically and
ask whether they really prove their points.  I
disagree with the assumptions or conclusions of
some of these articles.

Can a Person Be Both Gay and Christian? (Kari
Shows that a person
can be both gay and

Background Essay On Biblical Texts  (Arland
Hultgren and Walter Taylor) (pdf)
Excellent summary of different views on crucial
Bible texts.

Lesbian and Gay Catholic Handbook  (Paul
Includes an article on
Pro-Gay Texts in the Bible

"Born Eunuchs": Homosexual Identity in the
Ancient World  (Faris Malik)

A Letter to Louise  (Bruce Lowe)
Biblical affirmation of gays, lesbians and their

Homosexuality and Christianity  (Jeramy

Arsenokoités and Malakos: Meanings and
Consequences  (Dale B. Martin)

Would Jesus Discriminate?  (Jeff Miner and John

Homosexuality and the Bible  (Walter Wink)

The Bible and Homosexual Practice  (Robert

What We Wish We Had Known  (Presbyterian
Church, Mt. Kisco, New York)
Science, psychology, sociology, and theology of

Is Homosexuality a Sin?  (Emily Timbol)


Excellent free sites for reading the Bible

Bible Gateway
Contains many translations in English and other
languages, search, etc.

Bible Verses
A version of the Bible created specifically for
users with vision disabilities.

Net Bible
Contains extensive footnotes on word meanings,
search, etc.

Online Parallel Bible
Contains 21 versions, search, etc

Other helpful sites:

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

Today's Bible Verse has easy-to -read thoughts
on positive Bible verses

Take care

When you see an internet site or read a book or
article about homosexuality and the Bible, be very
critical and skeptical about what you see.  Many
pro-gay and anti-gay authors make lots of
assumptions and spin the facts to “prove” what
they want to prove, not what is the truth.  Their
distortions are then passed on by others who
think that the distortions are the truth.

Therefore read the Bible verses about same-sex
activity in various versions for yourself (especially
the New American Standard Bible  and Young’s
Literal Translation) and try to work out what they
really mean.  The other pages on this site should
help you do this.


This site provides general information on what
the Bible says about homosexuality
and how
this affects people’s lives.

If you wish to
get help with a personal
, I would suggest that you contact a
minister, priest, pastor or other expert in a nearby
church.  You could also phone a Gay and
Lesbian Counseling Service or Switchboard.  
Their number should be in a local phone book or

If you need personal
crisis counseling, phone:
  • a Gay and Lesbian Counseling Service or
    Switchboard (may have limited hours), or  
  • Lifeline at 13 11 14 (Australia 24 hours, 7
    days) or
  • the Trevor Helpline at 866-4-U-TREVOR
    (866 488 7386) (US 24 hours, 7 days, free)
  • London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard
    Helpline 0300 330 0630 (UK daily 10am –

If you are
Jewish, you could try the contacts

If you are
Muslim, you could see the Huffington
Gay Muslims page.
See here why it is okay to be both Muslim and
gay or lesbian.

Contact me

You can comment on anything on this site
or point out where its information is wrong,
emailing me at