No sex outside marriage

Some people claim that the Bible allows
sexual intercourse only within a male-female

Reasons why the view of “no sex outside
male-female marriage” is wrong:

  • The Bible presents male-female
    marriage as the usual pattern and
    implies that this is the best place for
    sex.  But the Bible does not prohibit or
    criticize  all sex outside male-female
    marriage.  The Bible simply says that
    certain kinds of sexual intercourse
    (incest, adultery, bestiality, prostitution
    and male-male sex) are wrong.

  • The Creation story explains why men
    and women get married and have sex
    (Genesis 1:28 and 2:24).  The story
    does not state or imply that all sex must
    be between males and females, or that
    all sex outside male-female marriage is

  • In Jesus’ comments on divorce in
    Matthew 19:4-6, he quoted the Creation
    story simply to show that male-female
    marriage should be permanent.  He did
    not state or imply that sexual intercourse
    should be restricted to male-female
    marriage only.

  • Note that the Bible does not prohibit sex
    between an unmarried man and an
    unmarried woman except where incest is
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Author: Colin Smith