The Bible criticizes and prohibits males
penetrating males (anal intercourse).

But it does
not criticize or prohibit any other form
of sex between men (including oral sex, deep
kissing, fondling and mutual masturbation).

As in other societies of Biblical times, the
prohibition on penetration is aimed at the man
being penetrated.  This Biblical prohibition seems
to be
mainly based on the cultural view that
the penetrated man is acting like a woman
(instead of like a man) in sexual intercourse.  The
male penetrator is condemned for helping the
penetrated man to act like a woman.  
As the
prohibition is culturally based, it
does not
apply today.

Get detailed information on the following topics:

  • Biblical references to sex between men

  • Why the references are to men penetrating
    men and not to other forms of sex between

  • The reasons for the Leviticus prohibition on
    men penetrating men

  • Why did people dislike the practice of men
    penetrating men in Bible times and why do
    they often still do so today?

  • Is there any practical reason for the Biblical
    prohibition on men penetrating men?

  • Books or articles where the authors agree
    that the Bible (especially Leviticus)
    condemns only men penetrating men and
    not other forms of sex between men
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Author: Colin Smith